I can not brag enough how great an experience I had buying a puppy from King Poms Farm! Truly great people! Through our whole experience, they were extremely accommodating and always emailed me back with answers or info! They are very knowledgeable about breeding and Sammies. They have a very nice facility and welcomed us into their home like they had known us forever. I talked to several breeders before choosing Pomeranian Puppies mainly because of their knowledge and willingness to help in every way they could not mention the great quality of puppies they are raising! I would give them a double five-star rating if I could!!!! Thanks again King Poms Farm !
James A. Horrocks
Seattle, WA 98101
I waited for a long time to get my Pomeranian puppy. King Poms Farm taught me so much through their great website and in their home. They truly are professionals who really care about their dogs and in producing the very best qualities in this breed. They socialize all the puppies in their home and with their own children. I was able to go to their home and pet the puppies, get pictures, and pick out my beautiful female. Her name is Kia. She is so lovely and is everyone’s newest friend. I highly recommend Pomeranian Puppies to anyone who wants a really top quality. I read all the positive comments from their website. I agree with all that has been written. Many people are already putting deposits down for another Pomeranian Puppies from King Poms Farm. I am another very pleased and satisfied customer.
Michael F. Holley
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
We have had such a great experience with King Poms Farm. From the very start, they were amazing about keeping us updated on the puppies and answering any questions we had. We have had Dante one of Texas and Diesel babies for a week and a half and he has fallen right into place with our family. King Poms Farm has continued to answer any questions we have. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience in finding the newest member of our family. Thank you King Poms Farm for all you have done for us.
Joyce & Tony Underwood
Minot, ND 58701
What a dedicated breeder to the breed. Look forward to showing my third pup Lex in the ring. All three of my pups from King Poms Farm are great dogs. With wonderful personalities. Couldn’t ask for a better bloodline. They are truly AKC quality dogs and enjoyed my time with your family. Bless you.
Elizabeth R. Williams
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Thank you King Poms Farm for the new addition to our family! Our girl Cindy is already a force to be reckoned with. She is so beautiful and has a great personality, we’ve gotten so many compliments on her. A big thanks to you guys for putting up with all my questions before and after we brought her home. I’m looking forward to another Pomeranian Puppies from King Poms Farm in the future.
Kelli Lara
Pima, AZ 85543